Awutu Senya District Assembly is made up of 1 Urban Council namely Senya, 5 Area Councils which are Bawjiase, Jei-Krodua, Awutu Bereku, Bontrase and Obrachire. It has 25 elected and 11 appointed members.  There is a Member of Parliament and District Chief Executive (DCE) bringing the total number to 37.  Currently, 10 out of the 11 decentralised departments have been established at the District level.

The Assembly is empowered with legislative, deliberative and executive functions within the district. There is a Presiding Member who is elected from the Assembly Members and chairs all Assembly meetings and the Public Relations and Complaints committee (PRCC).

The Assembly has five statutory sub- committees namely; Justice and Security, Development Planning, Works, Social Services and Finance and Administration. There is an Executive Committee which reviews the work of the sub-committees before the General Assembly meeting.  The Executive Committee, which is made up of the chairpersons of the various sub-committees is chaired by the District Chief Executive.

Awutu Senya District Assembly has secretariat that administer the day to day work of the Assembly. The secretariat is largely manned by bureaucrats and technical officers who perform various specified and interrelated roles aimed at achieving the mission and vision of the District Assembly. The District Chief Executive is the head of the secretariat with support from the head of the bureaucrats-the District Co-ordinating Director (DCD).


You are warmly welcome to the Awutu Senya District Assembly Page. The District is one of the Twenty-two (22) Administrative Districts in the Central Region of Ghana and the capital town is Awutu Beraku.

 A number of economic and financial services exist in the District and a number of strategies have been deduced from these opportunities to have a positive impact on the quality of life of the people.

 As you chart through the pages you will read about the whole profile of the District, the Departments and Units under the Assembly, the Cultural heritage of the people and the several places of interest in the District. There is also information on the kind of services the Assembly provides and Government/MP/ Donor intervention projects in the District.

We acknowledge you as a key partner in our efforts towards facilitating an enhanced development in the District. We welcome your suggestions, comments and contributions that will help us work together to achieve the objectives of the Assembly. We also encourage you to give us feedback so that we can keep you posted.

Vision Statement

The Awutu Senya District Assembly aspires to create an attractive knowledge-based society within an enabling environment which provides equal opportunities and potentials for socio-economic development for her people.

Mission Statement

The District Assembly exists to facilitate improvement in the quality of life of the people within the Assembly’s jurisdiction through equitable provision of services for the total development of the district, within the context of Good Governance.


Responsible for the overall development of the district.

Formulate and execute plans for the effective mobilization of resources necessary for development.

Responsible for the development, improvement and management of human settlements and the environment in the district.

Help maintain law and order in co-operation with the national authorities and local security agencies.

Responsible for the development of basic infrastructure and services in the district.

Awutu Senya District Assembly Local Government System Structure

(Regional to the District Assembly Level)

awutu senya district assembly structure